Grace uncovered

                                           Grace changes everything............reborn and renewed by the Holy Spirit

Grace for life .....the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all.

Hello to all .
A message that is based on performance, on steps or methods is not a message of grace or indeed is not the gospel.
Let a message that is timeless and powerful to transform all who believe, a message called the gospel which is the power of God to save, a message called grace, be spread freely throughout this site.

There are many books, articles, songs, podcasts and blogs that are available throughout the internet.This site brings together all that is the message of grace.




     Grace inspired  AUTHORS

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We Believe…


That the New Covenant is a better covenant than the Old…

that grace is better than law, truth is better than religion,  mercy is better than judgement,  faith is better than works, healing is better than sickness,  giving and receiving is better than tithing, righteousness is better than sin.

That Jesus Christ shows us what God is like

in Jesus we see the exact nature of God, his will and his character. He was and is consistently accepting, consistently gracious, consistently a healer.


In the empowerment of average believers like us…

every Christian has a direct connection with God and can hear from him, has an assignment and mission from him, has a vision from him and is responsible and capable of carrying that assignment out. We have been given his Word and the Holy Spirit to help us in this mission.

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