No Siamese Twins

December 6, 2015 Clay Rodgers No comments exist

No Siamese Twins
In LIFETIME GUARANTEE By Bill Gillham Page90

Please understand that God had no plan for joining His Holy Spirit to any person’s old sin nature. He had no plan to give birth to spiritual siamese twins who are half spirit-child of Satan through Adam and half spirit-child of God through Christ. Jesus said, “Any city or house divided against itself shall not stand (Matthew 12:25). God would never set you up for guaranteed failure by making you a “house divided against yourself.” I’ll agree that my experience and my feelings at times “tell”me I am a house divided, but since God would never set me up for certain failure, I must search His Word to find another cause for my strife within. I am not a house divided.

Jesus made this very clear, and the body of Scripture documents it. He said you couldn’t sew a path of new cloth on an old garment. He meant this as a analogy of the new man and the old man. It would be futile to try to join them together, and God did not make a lie of Jesus’ teaching. Jesus said you can’t put new wine (the Holy Spirit) into old skins (the old nature), because the old skins can’t contain the glory of His presence. You have got to put the new wine into new skins (new nature).

The Scriptures likewise say you cannot join light (Holy Spirit) with darkness (old man). The Word further says that a believer (live-spirit child of God) must never join himself in marriage to an unbeliever (dead-spirit child of Satan). It follows that He would never violate His own admonition by joining into union the old man and the new man inside your earthsuit.

Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24). Now I ask you, would God who taught all the foregoing truths deliberately “set up” the Christian by giving him two conflicting identities, one loyal to God, the other equally loyal to Satan? No! Lost people have one master (Satan), not two. Christians also have one master (God), not two. But your former master constantly tempts and badgers you to submit to him again.

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